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"Whether I was listening to her perform with the Baltimore Opera or play an etude in the studio, Dr. Levin always demonstrated remarkable musicianship which she insisted was obtainable to anyone with the right work ethic. My appreciation for the coloristic possibilities ofthe clarinet were enhanced under her tutelage at Howard University and helped me undertake premieres by fellow composers in graduate school.  Learning from Dr. Levin's wealth of orchestral knowledge and critical approach to sound has also benefited my career in acoustics. She is a fantastic teacher who I highly recommend."
Bobby Gibbs, Ph.D.


"I began studying with Marguerite as a junior in high school who was unsure about continuing in music. Within a year, I’d committed to college auditions. I even came back to study with her during my undergraduate years and sought her advice when it was time to choose a graduate school. She is simultaneously inspiring and in possession of the tools to help. Her strong concept of sound and attention to musical details undoubtedly shaped my own musicianship. It’s not overstating it to say she changed my life."

Daniel Frazelle

Assistant Principal Clarinet, United States Navy Band, Washington, D.C.


"Dr. Levin was the perfect teacher for me. From the first trial lesson I had, I knew I wanted to go to Towson to study with her. She truly focused on my interests as a musician and as a person and used that information to guide her repertoire choices. My senior recital was comprised of challenging, comprehensive, and well known, along with some unique, pieces that spoke of who I was. Dr. Levin's technique instruction is phenomenal and should be spoken about in high regards but most importantly to me, Dr. Levin's focus on humanity and building connections through her music instruction is astounding."

Emily Wise, BS

Band and Orchestra Director, Prince George's County, Maryland


"Coming out of high school, Dr. Levin made me feel welcomed and valued in her studio.  She fostered a sense of community where all of her students could be successful.  Dr. Levin was also a great resource to me during my undergraduate studies.  She is well connected in the clarinet community and pointed me toward other excellent pedagogues for summer festivals and graduate programs."


Jennifer Zimmerer, MM

Private Clarinet Teacher, Greater Nashville Metropolitan area and Middle Tennessee

"Our son began studying clarinet with Marguerite in 7th grade.  He continued his studies with her through his graduation from high school.  She had an uncanny ability to keep him challenged, but not discouraged, and to provide suggestions for his participation in festivals and competitions that were perfect for his current level of performance.  This helped him make steady progress throughout his years of study with her.  I give her much of the credit for his success in the field of music because she helped lay the foundations he could build on."

Peggy Skiano

Parent of Ralph Skiano, Principal Clarinet Detroit Symphony


"During my graduate study at Towson University, I had the pleasure of taking applied clarinet lessons with Marguerite. She has the wonderful ability to challenge her students to achieve excellence in technique and musicianship while maintaining a sense of humor! I was encouraged to diversify my clarinet repertoire as I prepared for my masters recital, and definitely felt equipped in preparing for my doctoral clarinet studies at the University of Maryland. I am deeply grateful for how she demonstrated joy in her own performing and teaching, and I strive to do that with my own students."


Allison Yacoub, DMA 

Clarinetist and Music Educator Baltimore, MD; Maryland Winds


"Studying with Dr. Levin was the primary reason I chose to attend Towson University in Towson, MD for my music education degree.  I first met Dr. Levin as a high school senior during auditions for Towson's Junior/Senior Honor Band. In the brief time I spent in the audition room, she was encouraging, warm, and welcoming, and I knew then that I wanted to be a part of her clarinet studio.  I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable and motivating mentor.  Dr. Levin's expert grasp of clarinet pedagogy and illustrative examples allowed me to grow exponentially as a musician in the 4 years I worked with her.  She knew just when to push me to work harder and make bolder choices as a musician, and I carry those lessons with me into my playing today.  In addition to being an outstanding teacher, Dr. Levin is also a phenomenal performer whom I was privileged to hear in several concerts and recitals throughout my tenure at Towson.  Her poise and musicality are inspirational, and her passion for being on the stage was always evident.  Thanks to Dr. Levin's guidance, I was accepted to James Madison University on a full graduate assistantship and was able to continue my clarinet studies at the Master's level.  I consider myself truly privileged to have been able to work with such a brilliant clarinetist and professor."

Jackie Bryant, MM

Band and Strings Director, Howard County Public Schools, Maryland

Clarinet, Columbia Concert Band, Category 5 Wind Ensemble, Greenspring Valley Orchestra 

"My daughter took clarinet lessons with Marguerite Levin for years until she graduated from high school.  Marguerite offers the highest caliber of instruction to her students.  Not only that, but her vivacious personality, energy, and humor keep students engaged and interested.  Her love of music collaboration and performance is evident in her student recitals as well as her professional ones (both of which are a treat).  My daughter continues to participate in orchestra and chamber at the university level largely due to Marguerite's influence.  I highly recommend her as a clarinet teacher."

Suzanne P.

Parent of Belmont MA student


"Marguerite was my clarinet teacher starting in sixth grade, continuing through middle and high school. From day one, she took my development as a musician very seriously and challenged me in ways that even my excellent school system and band program did not. That was exactly what I needed! As I prepared to study music as a double major in college, she was able to refer me to orchestral clarinetists to take additional lessons from, to expand and elevate my training. I went on to focus on science in graduate school but because of the love of clarinet that Marguerite helped instill in me, I continued to play in a university orchestra and musical pit orchestra, and those became important counterpoints to my life in the lab. I learned how to hold myself to a high standard and that carried through in the rest of my life. Now twenty years after I left her studio, I am lucky to have Marguerite still in my life as a friend, and I was thrilled when she was able to set me up with some community performance opportunities in my new home in Boston. I recommend her strongly as a teacher and mentor."


Luke Ward, PhD

Computational Biologist

"I enjoyed my lessons with Marguerite this summer 2019 in Cremona at the International Music Academy and Festival. She gives very clear instructions and I felt that I improved in a very short time. She is a tough but encouraging teacher. I recommend her!"

Benny Lee

Chairman and CEO, Duracomm Corporation


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